• Ginny Purcell

    David Turner was the topic of conversation last night. I spent every Fri/Sat. at his house parties in early 90’s. He was such a hot shit, stuck up for me against the “bitches of Braintree”, he had my back. Had no idea he was a murderous thief. If I ever run into him, which will never happen, he will never get out of jail. I would give him a hug~certainly not because he was a gangster……because he was a friend!!!

  • Billy

    I was just locked up with David in Otisville. That guy is the best. He treated people with the utmost respect, he’d make you laugh, he is a great person and there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for him and vise-versa. We’d talk about concerts, corvettes and life in general. The feds are a bunch of ratt scumbags who target certain people and don’t quit until they get their conviction. They pull shady manuvers throughout every aspect of a procedding then they take your life from you. I got Davids back anytime, anyday he needs it, cause he had mine through thick and thin..

  • Sue Bennett

    He also robbed Weymouth Savings Bank on Quincy Ave. With the help of his GF Stacy Mercon!

  • TJ

    He stuck up for you in the 90’s with no audience.Just remember that about him.You said in this post Ginny he is a murderout thief, What if David never stuck up for you and all those Braintree bitches ,were allowed to talk S- – T!! They were lying about you right ?

    So why do you think nthey are not lying about David?

    Think about it

    He is a good man, do not believe what you read..

    Don’t turn your back and change your opinion.

    He will get out of jail, Soon , Sometimes ,,no alot of times innocent men re put in jail

  • TJ

    Just because there a charge .DOEs NOT mean a person is guilty.

    There is always two sides to every story and RUMOR

    You know that from the 90’s

    Hes is a great man and person..I love him