• Letscheck

    Good to know that the criminals have gotten back what they gave out.

    It is amazing to me that we still have so many corrupt East Coast mafia types.

    Apparently it is still the same in Chicago also.

    Now criminals have not only police covering for them, but unions also, and the highest lawyer of the land, Eric Holder.

    I know for a fact that the police and criminals have been working together for over 100 years, so why can we not get clear of that.

    Maybe the citizens need to look closer at the people we elect.

  • Priorities

    The whole family seems to have evil in their blood. Shirley seems to have easily fit in because she herself was a bad immoral person. Who would like such a low class woman? I guess money can buy you “friends”…lol. I feel for all their victims, but those poor teenage boys CHARLES FLANAGAN and PAUL ALWARDT……so sad.

  • mk toohtwo

    John Busby was no ‘bully’. He was a great man and a good cop. He only ended up on Reine’s hit list when Reine’s degenerate brother tried to run him down with his semi trailer truck while Busby was directing traffic at the scene of an accident, and was consequently arrested for an assault with a deadly weapon. The case was scheduled to be heard the week after Busby suffered the attempt on his life.