• tedcohen

    Read this after Curtis died.

    Can’t help concluding that Jacobson wants to persuade us how “happy” she is.

  • Emma Hunt

    she is a beautiful woman with a loyal heart….sad he betrayed her loving heart ……but isn’t that what most men do without a conscience ???

  • Canne

    My thoughts are with Natalie.

  • cdnatdq

    Maybe she’s found an outlet by now, but I’m sure many who want to enter the field could use that mentoring, and even her perspective of having watched the business change. Personal challenges aside, or even all the more in light of them, Mr. Curtis and Ms. Jacobson were true professionals excelling in what they did. Chet, ‘hope the other side’s better.

  • Kerrie

    I was born in ’72 and literally grew up watching Ms. Jacobson. She bears a resemblance to my mother and when my parents divorced in ’77 we lived with my Dad and Ms. Jacobsen became a sort of mother figure for me. In fact, I convinced myself that because she looked so much like my mom that we MUST have been related. I have nothing but fond memories of her.