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    “When asked what qualities most set private and public schools apart, Bob Weintraub, headmaster of Brookline High School, deadpans, “They don’t let everybody in. Isn’t that a big difference?”
    Which leads to the great benefit of a public school education: Simply put, public schools may better prepare kids for the real world because they more accurately mirror it.”
    —Isn’t the opposite what really prepares kids for the real world? The best candidates get the best jobs. By this headmaster’s point, everyone should get the job. Everyone got the same things in high school, why not for the rest of their lives? Everyone’s welcome. As to the students point about street smarts and being alone in the city-huh? So a student in Franklin high has street smarts? That same student has certainly never been alone in the city either. Stronger points or quotes could have been used in this article. This article certainly help pave the road towards a private school.

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