• Loyd Tyer

    Mrs. Joan Stead Bennett, Mother of Virginia that married Ted Kennedy was my 11th grade English teacher at Gainesville high School in Gainesville, Florida. I would estimate her age at that time as 55 – 65. I can say for certain that at that time she did not have a problem with alcohol. Maybe she had gotten past it. She was a very classy & sophisticated lady and was an excellent teacher. I will always remember that she went to her daughters Marriage when she was teaching me. I think someone should check their facts on her experience with alcohol. I will always adore her.
    Loyd Tyer

  • / Mack Pliler
  • V. Wood

    This is a beautiful story about a strong woman who is an inspiration to those suffering from a powerful, baffling, cunning disease. I understand. God Bless Joan Kennedy.