• Petr Tajcman

    I’ve been meeting Murray Forbes in Boston in late 80ies and also in Prague, Czech Republic. I was trying to be helpfull in his effort to collect and publish Czech and Slovak photographers. I wish I knew more about his current activities. Is there any chance to get in touch again? Petr Tajcman

  • http://same Rev. Dr. Ann Weld-Harrington

    I come from a Boston Brahmin family of old, and most of what you write is true, however, we were never trustfund babies, we instead inherited the millions our families made, and used it to education, or finding a new place to run and re-engage that money inherited to bigger and better results. Too bad my children didn’t learn the ways of some of the Brahmins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644668413 Radha Vasam

    Lovely article …,

  • Marcee Lee Winthrop

    Very well written article! I am a Boston Brahmin from several families:Winthrop;Tudor;Quincy;Putnam;Phillips;Perkins;Peabody;Parkman;Otis;Minot;Lawrence;Jackson;Holmes;Forbes;Emerson;Eliot;Dudley;Delano;Cabot;Bacon;Adams;Appleton;Coffin;Coolidge;Cooper;Gardner;Johnson;Sears;Rice;Shaw;Lee;Derby;Conant; Stewart and a few more.. Yes, I miss how Boston Brahmins were admired and respected in the past. I was raised as a privileged child—prep schools,charm school and the like. Today,I feel like an anomaly among the population. I still believe in the manners & etiquette that I was taught and very classy ways. I still play the role of grand dame much like Dame Maggie Smith’s character in Downton Abbey. There are certain things that we have come to expect just because we are members of our illustrious families. I am very proud of my families/bloodlines and I think we need a resurgence of Brahmin importance—-so,I was pleased to see this article. The more news of Boston Brahmins,the better! We are still a useful sort! Don’t rule us out!

    • CSparks

      Marcee, we share multiple lines of kinship—Winthrop, Quincy, Putnam, & Peabody, at least. While I, too, had the benefits of a classical education at prep & boarding schools, as well as “White Gloves & Party Manners” classes, we are far from wealthy, & careful with our charitable gifts, which are piteously small. I did not uncover the Brahmin & Mayflower under-pinnings of my mother’s family until I was quite grown. I’ve come to love the humble philanthropy, willingness to serve, & insistence on “not making a fuss” that marks the Brahmin spirit. I hope I can carry that tradition with me, though quite far from Massachusetts soil. I’ve opened a small closed group on facebook called “Our Boston Brahmin Brood”, should anyone wish to converse along the lines of our shared history, & what it all means today. CES

      • Marcee Lee Winthrop

        I would enjoy discussing our families and shared brahmin lifestyles. I shall go to Facebook and join your group right away. Thank you,CES.

      • Marcee Lee Winthrop

        I have looked for your group on Facebook and cannot find it. If you wish,you may find me on Facebook—Marcee Lee Winthrop.

  • Wg Cdr KJ Bhatt

    Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life which has philosophically the central plank of tolerance and democracy.Brahman is the Absolute.Yoga is union with the Absolute thru tuning the body and allowing the Kundalini Serpent energy to rise.Briefly way of life may be said to mean the central Gita philosophy of duty without fruits of labour attachment- a good stress buster!Thus we can say he or she who follows this is automatically Hindu.
    Caste was by inclination,not birth.Over centuries ritualistic Hinduism hijacked this and made it stratified resulting in rigid religions coming out of Hinduism’s womb beginning with Buddhism.Gandhi named Untouchables Harijans,Children Of God(while years later in America Moses David had his own lost generations Children Of God).
    American Veda by Philip Goldberg covers Vedic influence of US Founding Fathers.
    Boston Brahmins are a curious mix.While taking the term,actually in the truest sense a Brahmin is one who seeks wisdom to understand and thereby does not hanker after worldy material moulds.But that’s idealistically.In the same measure,if one looks at India’s Ambani Boston Brahmin traits,is the philanthropy the same?regards Kojak,Utube/kopterkojak/Soldier(LA Taxi Live),kopterkojak@gmail.com