• mplo

    It’s really unfortunate that a shift of one vote in a school Committee member helped bring about Boston’s school busing debacle. Had the school committee not engaged in all that political posturing, as well as the maliciously-administered B-BURG (Boston Banks Urban Renewal Group), which was ostensibly designed to help low-income black homebuyers to purchase homes to their liking through FHA (Federal Housing Administration)-insured loans/mortages, but deliberately did it in such a way to spur white flight from the re-lined Boston jewish neighborhoods of Roxbury, Mattapan and North Dorchester, and thus create an overcrowded ghetto that still exists today, Boston could’ve and would’ve avoided the disastrous large-scale, mandatory school busing edict that took Boston by storm in the mid to late 1970’s, helped send already-existing racial tensions and hostilities in Boston soaring way, way up over the boiling point, and left the city scarred, with many people on both sides too angry and fearful to really talk to each other and thus arrive at some sort of understanding.