Urban Sprawl

By Erin Byers | Boston Magazine |

You can take the bar out of Boston, but not, evidently, the Boston out of the bar. With the debut of Lincoln on Waltham's Moody Street, a.k.a. Restaurant Row, Josh Childs (owner of popular Downtown Crossing spot Silvertone Bar & Grill) and a few fellow investors who also happen to be bartenders are giving suburbanites a taste of the city—without the parking hassles or high prices.

The place feels like a speakeasy, and the cocktails, mostly classic and quite chic, match the décor—the room wide and deep, with a thick wooden bar running along one wall, the lighting set to an eye-narrowing dimness, and black-and-white photos as accents. One specialty, a house-made raspberry-infused vodka served straight up in a sugar-rimmed glass, packs a punch. And while the overall selection of liquors, beers, and wines is limited compared with other bars' (five or six wines, about 10 beers, and a limited cocktail menu) and the bartenders are still learning the ropes, Lincoln is sure to give locals a reason to stay close to home. 467 Moody St., Waltham, 781-893-5600.

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