• Ayesha Jadoon

    How sad that this article has been written in such a light to sway opinion. The bias of the writer is evident with her use of wording such as “Ismet, hysterical, decided to board a plane…” (amongst others). Any other mother’s grief would be described in kinder terms with feeling. Another example is Sharp says the allegation was a blessing in disguise because it places Siddiqui somewhere at a specific time. She says she can prove Siddiqui was in Boston that week. “If we can show that Aafia was here and not in Liberia, then that’s the stone that slays Goliath,” Says Sharp…The way it reads (after the journalist has discredited Sharp) is ‘says’ Sharp. And…being muslim is not a crime! This article makes it seem like one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pia.nymoen.3 Pia Nymoen

    While at MIT, she organized drives to deliver Korans and other Islamic literature to Muslims in local prisons. She was also dedicated to Islam on campus where fellow students described her as soft-spoken, studious, religious, but not extremist or fundamentalist. She wrote three instructional guides on the faith. More as well on how to run a daw’ah table to provide religious information and training for da’iyas (callers to Islam). She wrote: “Imagine our humble, but sincere daw’ah effort turning into a major daw’ah movement in this country! Just imagine it! And us, reaping the reward of everyone who accepts Islam throught this movement (for) years to come. Think and plan big. May Allah give this strength and sincerity to us so that our humble effort continues and expands until America becomes a Muslim land.” Aafia taught local Muslim children on Sundays, but her greatest passion was to help oppressed Muslims worldwide. She spoke publicly, sent emails, gave slideshow presentations, and raised donations while a student and caring for three young children at home. AAFIA IS VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!

  • Saif Qureshi

    In anyway, now there is going to be a deal/trade off being brokered for return of Afia against Afridi. This will make it all easy.

    But in any way one thing is for sure, Islam is a peaceful religion and people who practice it , should know that it can be only spread when you will show the best side of yours.

    Yes, with starting any action, the most important thing is the intention behind it, but still this does not allow us to cheat, kill somebody with a good intention deep inside that we will spend this money to help those who are oppressed. Like wise killing people by doing bomb blasts, with an intention to kill those who have voted against or have different religious thinking is simply not allowed.

    The point is very clear, that doing something bad and then justifying it by saying that our intention was good is simply not acceptable. This simply brings a bad repute to Islam and simply makes it difficult for all like me, who are practicing it, and would simply show a bad side of it, who are not practicing it. A definition, which was never owned by Islam or those who practiced it.