• John

    This article cannot be more true.

  • John Earl

    Just met him on a ski slope. — very odd, intelligent guy that reveals too much of himself. This is why I read with interest this story.

  • Helen

    I had the misfortune of taking a class with him at MIT. He cared more about self-aggrandizement than about teaching. Donovan had no problem lying about frivolous things just to make himself look good. The one class with him is what I regret the most about my MIT education.

  • WorkingChristian

    I went to a week long seminar he held. My co-worker and I were sent there to learn about his ideas for rapid application development. It was a farce. We returned to our management and told them to steer as clear as possible from this guy and don’t dare spend any government dollars on his company (cell exchange).