A Seasoned Pro

Boston has always been a breeding ground for up-and-coming chefs, from Andy Husbands to Marissa Iocco. But now the tables have turned, as New York’s Brooke Vosika joins the Four Seasons Boston as executive chef, spicing up the city’s culinary scene with his signature combo of local ingredients and pure charm.

Vosika, who made the move to Boston just months after the opening of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the Four Seasons in New York, has been cooking with the Four Seasons Boston team since September, “getting them through the busiest time of the year,” says Four Seasons spokeswoman Regan Dillon. But come January, guests will start to see his influence in the Bristol Lounge menu.

“The menu will remain upscale comfort foods, but maybe have an added air of sophistication that he’s bringing to us from New York,” Dillon says. “His approach to food is based on the integrity of an ingredient and layering those flavors together to create a dish.”
And not just any ingredients – Vosika plans to incorporate locally grown produce and game into his new menu. “People can expect to see a lot of products and dishes that are from this area,” Dillon says.

In fact, Vosika and his wife may be throwing their own ingredients into the mix – the couple owns a large orchard on their Berkshires property, where they grow peach, apple, and fig trees. “His wife was definitely excited about having a backyard after living in Manhattan for a while,” says Dillon.

The foliage wasn’t the only draw for the couple. Vosika already had ties to the city through close friend Jamie Mammano, chef and owner of Mistral. The two forged a friendship while cooking together at the Four Seasons Hotel Washington D.C. in 1982; 24 years later, Vosika is in charge of the largest Four Seasons food and beverage operation in the country. And now that Vosika has joined the Hub’s already thriving dining scene, our up-and-coming chefs have one more mentor to guide them.