Ask Jane: Out of the Blue

By Jane Black | Boston Magazine |

Our food editor solves another culinary quandary.

I saw blue eggs in a grocery store on the South Shore. What are they? Should I give them a try?

The eggs come from Azuluna Brands, a Massachusetts-based company that helps small farmers develop local, sustainable food products. The shell is colored because the chickens that lay them are a cross of a traditional American breed and the South American Araucana, which is known for its blue eggs. The chickens are raised free-range, meaning they roam in pastures, eating a natural diet of grubs and other insects. The farmers also use no antibiotics or growth hormones. The result: As well as having a distinctive greenish-blue color, Azuluna eggs taste better than other, mass-produced organic ones. The deep orange-yellow yolks sit high and perky on the whites—a sure sign of freshness.

I like to serve Azuluna eggs at Easter; hardboiled, they’re a delicious surprise at breakfast. But their rich, creamy flavor is also wonderful for holiday baking. Use them for scones, cakes, and cookies—or for a real treat, crème brûlée.

>>$2.99 per half dozen, available at Roche Bros., 387 Massachusetts Ave., Acton, 978-263-0404,; and Sudbury Farms, 439 Boston Post Rd., Sudbury, 978-443-3575,