City Style Gift Guide: Best Friends

Best friends Tina Burgos and Jon Callahan of Newbury Street clothing shop Stel’s share a desire for quirky, close-to-home gifts.

Though co-owners Burgos and Callahan usually vow not to exchange presents, they just can’t seem to resist the holiday bug. “We always say we’re not going to give gifts, but then one of us gives in and buys something,” Callahan says. “Of course, then the other person feels awkward. We end up evening it out on the next birthday.”

What I’m Asking For…
Tina Burgos
1. DirectTV with NFL Sunday Ticket, $70–$103 per month, Best Buy “I love football—I could watch for hours. My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, but the Patriots are growing on me.”

2. Filson rugged twill luggage, $129.95–$319.95 (piece shown, $229.95), Hilton’s Tent City “It’s inexpensive compared to other luggage, and I like that it’s nondescript. It draws out the inner tomboy in me. And with that kind of fabric, it’s just going to gain character with age.”

3. Monthly flower delivery, about $100 per month, the Secret Garden “Fresh flowers are one of those luxuries I wish I could afford. Siobhan Carew, the owner, has done a great job—her shop is elegant, simple. Plus, she’s a neighbor, and I love to support businesses that are local, like us.”

Jon Callahan
4. A portrait of his dogs, Gus and Oonagh, by Kelly Carmody, $3,000 and up for a 16-by-20 “Kelly’s a local artist who does very realistic portraits of people. I want her to paint my dogs!”

5. ICA membership, $65, ICA “I went to art school, and I’m a painter. I’m really happy that Boston is putting some money into the arts. I’ll go to every exhibit.”

6. United Bamboo plaid coat, $925, Stel’s “I think it’s one of the nicest pieces we’ve got in the store right now. It’s just a great, comfy fall-winter coat. I would wear it all the time.”