City Style Gift Guide: Mother, Daughter

Ines Riaz’s gift requests are hardly typical for a 10-year-old. But then, mom Betty, owner of chic boutique Stil, has taught her well.

When the holiday season comes around, Betty Riaz goes all out for her kids. “We don’t usually spoil them, but we do at Christmas,” she says. “It’s the special time when we really splurge. If Ines and I are in a department store and there’s something she really wants, I’ll hand the salesperson a credit card on the sly, then come back later to pick it up.”

What I’m Asking For…
Ines Riaz
1. Charlotte in Paris by Annie Bryant, $7.99, Pixie Stix
“It’s a special edition of the Beacon Street Girls book series, which is about these girls who live in Boston. One of the girls, Charlotte, goes to Paris in this one—and I love Paris!”

2. Trip to Tokyo, about $3,000 roundtrip from Boston on Delta Air Lines
“I would like to go to Japan with my father. I love sushi—especially teppa maki.”

3. Cartier 18-karat pink gold stud earrings, $800, Cartier
“My mom only lets me wear stud earrings. And these are really nice.”

Betty Riaz
4. Lanvin handbag, $2,230, Barneys New York
“Lanvin is the crème de la crème. It’s a classic, and the brown leather handles make the satin more casual.”

5. Escentric Molecules Molicle OI perfume, $125, Stil
“It has a mysterious smell that you just can’t put your finger on. It would drive my husband absolutely crazy!”

6. Birger Christensen 7/8-length silver mink, $25,000, the Fur Salon at Saks
“There’s no choice but fur in this New England weather, and Danish fur is remarkable. I’d wear it every day. And I’d get my initials embroidered in the lining in some cool color, like orange.”