City Style Gift Guide: The Mod Couple

Marc Jacobs general manager Mary Nobile-King and husband David Farris have their holiday sights set on versatile accessories.

If Nobile-King spots something that she really likes, she doesn’t have to lay too many hints on her husband to get it. “I just tell my daughters,” she says. “They’re always excellent at relaying messages.” And how does Nobile-King figure out what to buy for Farris, a business consultant who loves the outdoors? “I just go for whatever is the latest must-have gadget or soccer-related gear, and he’s happy.”

What I’m Asking For…
Mary Nobile-King
1.Assortment of Fresh products (Sugar lip treatment, $22.50; Victoire face palette, $65; Lotus eye gel, $48; Elixir Ancien face treatment oil, $250), Fresh “I love all products from Fresh. Plus, the store is conveniently right down the street from where I work on Newbury, and the staff is great. Ulana, the manager, always knows exactly what I want.”

2. John Hardy gold and silver leaf cuff, $1,450, Neiman Marcus
“I read an article about the company, and the people seemed really cool—they all hang out and make jewelry in Bali—so I’d like to support them. And bracelets are nice and easy; I could wear this one anywhere.”

3. Marc Jacobs mink trapper hat, $500, Marc Jacobs
“The gray makes it different, and would be perfect for the weather here—especially with a black coat during the day.”

David Farris
4. Adidas Gazelle ClimaCool sunglasses, $159, OCB of Boston
“They’re sweet lookin’, and I do a lot of outdoor activities. I could wear them running or just wear them to work.”

5. Fully loaded 2007 Range Rover Supercharged, about $94,950, Land Rover Norwood
“How can any man—any person—not want this? It’s elegant, yet outdoorsy. It can drive over anything, endure trips, and carry clients around.”

6. Nikon Coolpix digital camera, $149.99, Best Buy
“We’ve got two kids who play soccer—and we like to travel a lot. I need to be able to capture memories. The camera’s a memory machine—either you have it now or you’ll wish you did.”