• The Dudette

    All this drama and intellect wasted. Why can’t writers be published who understand the issue? This is about people need to eat and a guy who had a business model that helped people. Flawed or not, he worked, it worked and 25K people had jobs. Someone who may have been more legally “righteous” wants to liquidate a company and ravage the employees to do so. People need to eat, bottom line. None of that history matters right now.

    • truthfinder

      Of course it matters. It gives a glimpse into that side of the family and what they are capable of. Flawed? Yikes. I would say despicable.

  • The Dudette

    Do you remember Ted Kennedy? One of the most flawed individuals worked the hardest for the well being of more people.

    • masshacks

      And don`t forget, also a murderer.

  • MFO

    The funny thing about the current Demoulas family feud is that Arthur T is being cast as the good guy. There are no good guys in this feud. This 2006 story shows Arthur T’s modus operandi the last time they went at it in the late 90s. Arthur T appears competent in executing a cost leadership strategy (low prices by taking cost out of the system everywhere, like Wal-Mart), something that appears lost on Arthur S and that side of the family. That fact is evidenced by who they hired to take over from Arthur T when they fired him – who have no experience executing on that type of strategy. It’s like hiring a Honda mechanic to handle your fleet of BMWs. They are both cars, but that is where it ends. On the flip side, what might be perceived as pure competence and stakeholder benevolence on the part of Arthur T is really driven by acts that are clearly intended to poke a stick in the eye of everyone in Arthur S’s family. That side has a 50.5% controlling stake in Demoulas/Market Basket for a reason – because Arthur T was found guilty of a massive fraud to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars against Arthur S’s side of the family decades ago, which is detailed in this ancient article. The only certainty here I can see is if Arthur T doesn’t end up leading it, low prices will likely be out the window.