Batter Up!

A York clam shack’s fried fish sandwich is love at first bite.

In a cruel twist of irony, summer foods—fried clams, blueberry pie, ice cream—are the very enemies of looking trim at the beach. It’s a relief, then, that a bikini-buying trip to Maine’s Kittery Outlets represents enforced starvation of sorts: If you don’t want McDonald’s or Burger King, you’re not eating. A foolproof diet—or so we thought, until a saboteur friend introduced us to York’s Best, just a few miles down Route 1. Like any real clam shack, it’s a humble spot with cheap wood paneling and shabby outdoor picnic tables. But the York’s Best fried haddock sandwich beats any we’ve tasted: The soft, locally made bun is grilled with plenty of butter and topped with the usual fixings. The battered haddock is fried in fresh oil so that the crust shatters when you bite into it, revealing tender fish with actual flavor (top that, Filet-o-Fish!). The platter comes with a mountain of homemade onion rings and fries but, despite its size, we’re sure you’ll clean your plate. Our only advice: Go after you’ve bought the bikini.

2 Rte. 1, York, ME, 207-439-3401