• Marco Polo

    This is for anyone who doesn’t want to read that blathering, meandering text.

    Cop who had bad history with suspect pulled him over for expired registration. Guy wanted another cop or witnesses because of bad history, but cop refuses so guy tries to flee. Cop rams car and then pepper sprays the guy who then empties his gun at the cop, 4 bullets to his side and 1 to the forearm. Cop tries to pull gun, but drops it and collapses. Guy tries to flee, but runs over cop. Another guy passing by with young son jumps out, grabs the cops gun, and fires at the suspect, bullet to the head. He then forces the passenger out at gunpoint. Cop and guy both die, passerby given a medal.

  • Paola

    Muchas gracias Marco Polo.

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    • James Harrington

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  • IHateFatChicks

    The police officer was clearly out of control and should’ve been fired.

  • IHateFatChicks

    The police officer was clearly out of control and should’ve been fired.

  • Danny McClendon

    Seemed to be an asshole cop that had it coming. Too bad it had t end with his death, but some people think their above the law and can pick with people because they have a badge. Too bad Officer Mckay had to learn the hard way.

  • direstr8

    5yrs later and this story rings true even today that there will always be a tug of war between those who ignore the law and those tasked with enforcing it. Police officers of today are viewed as the oppressors while criminals are being vilified as being unduly harassed. Why is this? If the facts you stated are accurate, one can surmise that both Liko Kenney and Officer McKay walked around with chips on their shoulders. Their arrogance, anger and refusal to look at each other as human beings tell the story here. Liko Kenney failed miserably in every category of human decency and he sounds like the perfect bully. So who taught him to disrespect his family, friends and the law? Hind sight being what it is Officer McKay gets no free pass because he should have found a way to communicate better with the very people he was sworn to “Protect & Serve.” There are truly bad people in this world; no denying that. Every day of every week, police officers see the worst that society has to offer and like us they are human beings who simply want to go home at the end of their shift. What is confusing is why Mass. saw fit to keep a hard-nosed, give-no-quarter police officer who obviously had a God complex? No one is saying Officer McKay should have turned a blind eye to people breaking the law but wearing a badge and giving him a gun does not make him a king. An ounce of compassion in a stressful situation goes a long way toward lowering a person’s anger, fear and adrenalin. One wonders, would Liko and Officer McKay’s failures have been minimized by the simple act of communication? A person doesn’t always have to be right to win the battle only to lose the war. As it stands, you simply have to look to Ferguson to see that police officers are losing the human decency battle in the eyes of public opinion. The one part of the story that rings hollow is at what point did Gregory W. Floyd feel it was his right to kill Liko Kenney? One way or the other Mr. Kenney was going to prison or death row but who appointed this man judge, jury and executioner?

  • MadLibertarian

    This is a story of one of those small town cops that are so corrupt they can get away with anything. Unfortunately it had to end like this, but i’m glad Mckay was taken off the streets from his tyrany and corruption.

    • Mo Hammed

      And I am just as glad that a POS scofflaw like Liko was taken out as he was. I hope he died in agony in a puddle of his own piss and feces.