• Liz

    I know this is an old article, but you appear to have compared apples and watermelons on the pricing. The prices you’ve listed for Wellesley are monthly; the prices for Tufts are annual. There may be other examples.

  • Hillary

    Our three-year-old had the most incredible experience at Temple Israel. We could not be more impressed and pleased with the staff, administration, curriculum and community at the FJECC. With just 12 short hours a week in the three-day toddler program it was apparent from the very beginning how much he was getting out of this time. My husband and I were completely blown away with the thoroughness and detail in the interim report that the teachers provided on our sons development. It showed how well they truly know your children and how much quality time they spend with each of them while at the FJECC. We would highly recommend this program to all of our friends and we can’t wait for our newest son to join the program as well.