Solo Artistry

The CafeSolo coffeemaker takes all the fuss (and mess) out of fixing yourself a pot of joe.

It’s our opinion that brunch should be a streamlined affair, a seamless blending of two meals into one with as little effort as possible. That’s where our latest obsession, the CafeSolo, comes in. It’s a glass carafe that brews coffee without the hassle of a machine, paper filter, or messy cleanup. There are two sizes, .6 liter and 1 liter, each with a removable pouring spout and filter. Just spoon ground coffee into the carafe, add boiling water, and stir. Replace the spout, wait four minutes for it to brew, and serve (the filter traps the grounds in the pot). A nifty neoprene or knit jacket keeps the contents hot for 30 minutes—about as long it takes to polish off the contents—and transforms the coffeemaker into a suitably attractive centerpiece. That means less time spent jumping up to refill mugs, and more time enjoying your guests’ company.

$89, available at Vessel, 125 Kingston St., Boston, 617-292-0982,