Get This: The Cloche

The natty, no-nonsense headgear for fall.

Though oversize, ornately embellished hats livened up the spring 2008 runway collections, it’s the understated cloche that’s emerged as the current season’s topper of choice. Taking its name from the French word for “bell”—due to its head-hugging shape—the cloche mixes the sass of a 1920s flapper with the polish of the most refined Back Bay Brahmin. Worn outdoors or in (irony not required), and made of materials ranging from basic felt to luxurious velvet, the accent lends extra sophistication to a tailored dress or brings out a vintage vibe when juxtaposed with modern separates, such as a leather jacket and colored jeans. And however you sport it, the cloche adds a clever dose of—how do you say?—je ne sais quoi.