Great Indoors

By MC Slim JB | Boston Magazine |

Downtown Boston’s best sandwich lives on in fancier digs.

For years, downtown office workers braved blizzards to line up at Chacarero, the Chilean sandwich stand set into the east wall of Filene’s in Downtown Crossing. They came for the namesake chacarero, with its layers of grilled chicken or steak (or both), sliced tomatoes, avocado puree, Muenster, garlicky hot sauce, and steamed green beans, all piled on a homemade roll. But as the Filene’s building was preparing for its closing this fall, Chacarero was evicted, sparking mass panic-until patrons learned that owner Juan Hurtado had already unveiled a new shop on nearby Province Street, complete with indoor seating. A second location is set to open this month at 101 Arch Street.

Why such devotion? This unique sandwich is sloppy, filling, and utterly delicious. What’s more, it’s a relative bargain. The most expensive item on the menu, a large steak-chicken combo, will set you back less than $8 and sate your appetite for hours.

26 Province St., Boston, 617-367-1167, $

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