Solid Alibi

By Jason Schwartz | Boston Magazine |

Patrick Lyons’s swish new lounge at the Liberty Hotel has the lock on cocktail hour.

If you like puns, prisons, or cocktails-and really, who doesn’t?there’s a good chance you’ll like Alibi, the ground-floor lounge at the new Liberty Hotel. Housed in the former Charles Street Jail, the bar boasts a Shawshank-chic vibe: Cell gates line the brick walls, which are dotted with celebrity mug shots (nonincarcerated stars such as Mick Jagger, Debra Messing, and Annette Bening have also been spotted on the premises). The swanky hangout offers a solid wine list with a range of midprice options, as well as the signature Grape Escape martini, infused with white grape juice and garnished with a cluster of champagne grapes.

Service is friendly, but the seating’s a bit odd: Tables are set up with booths on one side and stools on the other, and while the booths are comfy enough, the stools sit low to the ground, making their occupants feel conspicuously short. But hey, no one is promised pampering behind bars.

215 Charles St., Boston, 617-224-4000,

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