What’s in Store: Looc

By Daisy Shaw | Boston Magazine |

An ultrachic haven for selective shoppers arrives in the South End.

After a year of planning, clothes hounds Shawna Strachan and Audra Bodenstab have opened their dream boutique just off Union Park. The result is as notable for what it leaves out as what it includes: A refreshing departure from the often overstuffed new-to-the-game women’s shop, Looc—“cool” spelled backward, à la French slang—bothers only with sleek pieces from emerging and hard-to-find labels, like Kel Ewey’s striped button-down with neat neckline ruffles and Thread Social’s lace tank dress; exclusive lines include In God We Trust, Ella Luna, and Simone. The meticulously edited collection favors separates and dresses (with the exception of Habitual jeans, you’ll see no pants here). And the décor further reflects the minimalist approach: whitewashed walls accented by vintage luggage, chandeliers, even a croquet set. If you like a giant inventory, you may prefer Barneys or Saks—but if you appreciate a discerning fashion sense, Looc is, well, worth a look.

Source URL: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/2007/10/what-s-in-store-looc/