Baggage Check

By Rachel Baker | Boston Magazine |

What three jet-setting Bostonians lug in their carry-on luggage.

Kenneth Dietz
Principal Interior Designer, Dietz and Associates

Destination: Miami. “It’s a quick, nonstop trip, and you feel like you’ve shortened the winter a little bit.” 1. Peng No. 2 calfskin bag, $1,550, Meichi Peng. 2. Watermelon swim trunks, $240, Vilebrequin. 3. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, $25.95, Trident Booksellers & Café. 4. Feu de Bois scented travel candle, $80 for three, Diptyque. 5. Gucci men’s sunglasses, $275, Saks Fifth Avenue. 6. Havaianas flip-flops, $16, Urban Outfitters. 7. Travel toiletries pouch, $32, Salon Mario Russo. 8. Kangol Bermuda Lahinch hat, $35, Kim’s Menswear.



Tasha Forgash
Colorist, Shag

Destination: West Hollywood. “The outdoor clubs and cafés and, of course, the weather make for a great long weekend, even if it’s just spent chilling at the pool at the Roosevelt.” 1. Jaded by Knight messenger bag, $1,950, Riccardi. 2. Eight-gigabyte iPod Nano, $199, Apple Store. 3. Ghd IV ½-inch mini styler, $240, Shag. 4. Airborne, $7.79, CVS. 5. Christian Louboutin ankle boots, $1,735, Neiman Marcus. 6. Canon PowerShot SD750, $250, Bromfield Camera. 7. Ooh La Lift concealer by Benefit, $20, Sephora. 8. Citizen K International magazine, $15, Barnes & Noble. 9. U-travel pillow, $25, Brookstone.


Aya Muramatsu
Student, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School
Destination: Paris. “I go with my mom on buying trips for her store, Matsu. I really enjoy the language, the food, and the fashion.” 1. Le Pliage bag, $145, Longchamp. 2. Eighty-gigabyte iPod Classic, $250, Apple Store. 3. Headband, $4.90, H&M. 4. Bobbi Brown glitter lip gloss, $19, Bloomingdale’s. 5. Vogue, $3.99, Us Weekly, $3.99, and Cosmopolitan, $4.29, Hudson News. 6. Majestic for Matsu long-sleeve T-shirt, $95, Matsu. 7. QuietComfort 3 noise-canceling headphones, $349, Bose. 8. LG Voyager cell phone, $469, Verizon Wireless. 9. Sunglasses, $85, Marc by Marc Jacobs. 10. Bajra pashmina, $300, Saks Fifth Avenue.

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