Family Jewels

By Brittany Jasnoff | Boston Magazine |

An accessories line helmed by bicoastal brothers finds its sea legs in Boston.

Though their talents may differ, the siblings behind the new label Hoorsenbuhs share at least one thing: good taste. After finding success creating custom bling for celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, L.A.–based jewelry designer Robert Keith joined forces with his stepbrother, Boston attorney Todd Boudreau, to launch their first retail collection, named for a fabled Dutch trading ship.

"Accessories seemed to be going in the direction of skulls, crosses, and fleurs-de-lis," says Keith, who dabbled in photography and acting before switching to jewelry four years ago. "It was a little over-the-top for me." For Hoorsenbuhs, by contrast, he relies on the inherent beauty of the materials themselves. Unisex belt buckles, necklaces, and rings—fashioned in the line’s signature linked H’s—come together in 18- and 22-karat gold, diamonds, sterling silver, and Italian leather.

Since Hoorsenbuhs debuted in December exclusively at Louis Boston, the store has reordered five times; local fans include Tiffany Ortiz, who this winter commissioned a diamond-encrusted ring for Big Papi. The just-arrived spring collection (priced at $350 to $15,000, and now also sold at Maxfield in L.A. and Harrods in London) features leather- and gem-embellished necklaces and earrings, and a smattering of belts and hoodies.

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