Game Face

Sports reporter Julie Donaldson knew what she was getting into when she came to Boston.

By now, you’ve surely seen new sports gal Julie Donaldson—but not necessarily on Channel 7, where she was just hired. Boston’s tongue-waggers get frenzied about TV newsfolk, making Donaldson—a playful former beauty queen who left a New York station to come here—like a gift from above. The Herald‘s Inside Track hit her three times even before she’d settled into her Boston digs last month, once to dish about her 1990s driving record. Scan-dull! (And, okay, we’re not exactly making things better here.)

But Donaldson’s unruffled. While she used to worry about being taken seriously as a reporter, she now navigates locker rooms in 4-inch stilettos. "I look the way I look," she says. "I’m good at what I do." And although she crossed the great sports divide, she’s nullified at least one hot topic: She won’t cop to loving the Sox or the Yankees. But give her time.