Pony Up!

By Rachel Baker | Boston Magazine |

Neighbors got their brood a basset hound? This’ll show ‘em.

This Shetland pony—paradoxically named Big Ben—is what equestrian types refer to as a starter horse. Yes, he’s docile (and cute) enough to hold court, petting zoo–style, at a backyard birthday party, but the gelding’s real charm is his ability to get kids comfortable with walking, trotting, and eventually cantering. Once your little one graduates from a safe, sturdy steed like Ben (who, along with dozens of other four-legged friends, is now for sale at the Boston Equestrian Center, right in time for the start of the New England riding circuit), you can upgrade to a bigger model. Or if you’re ready for long-term commitment, just let him graze the front yard: Ponies make stellar family pets, with a life expectancy of up to 40 years. Take that, Fido!

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