The Gonz Show: Amy Poehler

By John Gonzalez | Boston Magazine |

She’s come a long way from her first gigs at BC. But after this interview, the comedian can’t get far enough away from John Gonzalez.

Did SNL pay you during the writers’ strike? No. We get paid per episode, as do most of the people who work on the show. I would like to say I spent my time off thinking about interesting new characters. For the most part, I just caught up on The Wire.

This is why I hate writers. They’re no damn good. Why? I’m a writer. You have to strike for the people 20 years from now. Once TVs are on the moon and we can play a movie in our minds, we’re all going to need to make a living.

You’re a Red Sox fan, so I was hoping you could do us a favor and kick up your fervor. Donnie Wahlberg is currently the town’s superfan, and nobody’s crazy about that. What are you talking about? Are you kidding me? Donnie is a New Kid. How dare you!

I could have been in a boy band. I could have done some serious stationary dancing. Now we’re getting somewhere. You’re upset that you weren’t in a boy band. I did a film called On Broadway. Joey McIntyre was in it. He was a doll, as I expected him to be, just like when I had his poster when I was 12. NKOTB. Finally, people will know what my tattoo stands for.

And now you have fans of your own. In fact, I saw that you’ve checked out your own fan site. The girl who runs it is very nice. You might need to create your own fan site.

If I did, my mom might visit it. That would be it, though. When you meet ladies, you could say, “I’d tell you more about myself, but you should just check out my fan site.”

In Mean Girls, you played Rachel McAdams’s mother. Aren’t you only five years older than her? If you’re a comedian and doing comedy, you don’t care about that stuff. I counter it by playing Dakota Fanning on SNL. It all balances out.

Lindsay Lohan was in that movie, too. She’s dated a lot of people. [Pause.] Any chance you have her number? She’s a great girl. I loved working with her. No, that’s none of your business.

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