Your Daily Bread

By Louise Flaig | Boston Magazine |

Use our planner to make sure that next bakery stop is perfectly timed.

1 p.m. Rustic fougasse with roasted tomatoes ($5.25), Clear Flour Bread. Smoky tomatoes peek out from folds of chewy, crispy-crusted Italian bread.

8 a.m. Yeast-risen cornbread ($6), Hi-Rise Bread Company. This cornbread–white bread hybrid shines when placed beneath your morning egg.

6 p.m. Scali ($2.25), Bova’s Bakery. Unremarkable at room temperature, this sesame-sprinkled braided loaf is near perfect when served hot.

7 a.m. Pecan-cranberry rolls (65 cents each), Iggy’s Bread. The fruit-nut combo makes these little guys a great match for goat cheese.


10 a.m. Flatbread ($4), A&J King Artisan Bakers. Flavors change seasonally and include potato and Gruyère, and sweet corn and cherry tomato.

8 a.m. Fig and anise bread ($5.25), Sel de la Terre. Highly aromatic with a hint of sweetness, this loaf provides an ideal base for grilled cheese.

8 a.m. Brioche ($7), Flour Bakery + Café. It’s eggy, buttery-rich, and sublimely light—and makes a killer French toast.

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