Pay to Say

Carl Beane’s voice, a robust baritone, is revered for the big speakers from which it booms. He’s the announcer at Fenway Park, the man who proclaims when David Ortiz is stepping up to bat—but for a few bucks, he’ll also talk up any schlub from the grandstands. Recently, Beane has discovered a lucrative side business in lending his talents to partisans’ desires: He’ll record a personalized voice-mail greeting or ring tone for $25; for $350 and up, he’ll emcee a wedding. (Orders are placed at But it’s not all about the money. As a longtime sportscaster, he adores being valued by fans. Giddy grooms have even shown more jitters while meeting him (and trying on his World Series ring) than they do in exchanging vows. “When I get that instant response, a feeling washes over me like, this is where I should be,” Beane says. “This is what I know I was put on earth to do.”