Power 2008: The Elements of Influence

The Debi Industrial Complex
No one has done more to refine Bostonians’ taste over the years than Louis Boston owner Debi Greenberg, as her alumni list attests.

Tina Burgos and Dave Nauyokas
Then: She worked in ’94–’96 as an assistant to Louis patriarch Murray Pearlstein; he in the business office in ’94–’99.
Now: The married team runs Stel’s on Newbury Street with business partner Jon Callahan.

Leila Moore and Pam Santorelli
Then: Worked in women’s sales, Moore during ’99–’04, Santorelli in ’97–’04.
Now: They own the Southie clothing and home accessories shop Habit, and style uniforms for local eateries including Great Bay and Sushi-Teq.

Shawna Strachan
Then: Merchandising assistant in 2002.
Now: Last August she opened South End clothing boutique Looc with pal Audra Bodenstab.

Pino Maffeo
Then: Chef of Restaurant L, starting back in 2004.
Now: Bought the space from Greenberg last year and renamed it Boston Public.