You're Grounded!

As the official kickoff to summer—and the first long weekend since mid-February—Memorial Day will prompt droves of vacation-starved Bostonians to head for the skyways. Last May some 2.5 million people passed through Logan Airport, and as any frequent flier can tell you, that kind of traffic is sure to muck things up: Nearly one-fifth of departing flights were delayed that month. To make the most of your inevitable ground time, follow our definitive guide.

If the US Weekly from Hudson News doesn’t satisfy your celebrity cravings, venture over to the Cape Air gates to catch notables jetting off to the islands.

To the left of the security check, the Jet Setter Mini Spa offers 30-minute chair massages for $40. If you just threw a tantrum at the ticket counter, it’s a great place to work out the angst.

The $44 porterhouse at Todd English’s Bonfire might be Logan’s priciest dish, but the clubby interior is a welcome escape from overcrowded gates—especially when you’re sitting down to this spot’s less-extravagant (and far better) burger.

With three outposts here, Legal Sea Foods has Logan covered. Our advice: Hit the new Legal C Bar for fresh clam and cod dishes and skip the rest.

First-class lounges aren’t reserved only for high-fliers. For a fee, you, too, can gain access to the private clubs. Delta’s Crown Room is the cheapest, at $30 per day—a steal compared with American’s $50-per-visit Admirals Club in Terminal B.

Looking for the freshest place to freshen up? Terminal A’s bathrooms are newest and cleanest.

Thanks to its gigantic flat-screen TVs and speedy service, Game On is the undisputed champ of airport bars; if Sox-Yankees is on, it’s worth the trek from other terminals.

The brainchild of former Red Sox Darren Lewis, Dine Boston serves to-stay or to-go dishes from local standbys like Ristorante Fiore and the Union Oyster House.

At the new, swanked-out Virgin Airlines clubhouse, upper-class transatlantic passengers can enjoy a bit of quiet time in the fully wired library, sip local wines while lounging on mohair banquettes, or nosh on freshly prepared gourmet treats in the brasserie as they pass time before a flight to Heathrow.

Fenway favorite Boston Beer Works recently opened its first airport location, allowing you to test a simple equation: How much beer does it take before you’re no longer bothered by a delay?