Boston’s the Gourmet Pizza is a restaurant chain whose closest location to Boston is in Neptune, New Jersey. It’s headquartered even farther away, in British Columbia. But its corporate literature explains why, in 1964, it chose such a remote inspiration for its moniker: "Boston was a recognizable and established name…it was the ‘Big Leagues.’" Today the company seems to think it’s part of that league—because in trying to stop another eatery from using our city’s name, it’s started a legal fight that could reach into Boston itself.

The Canucks are suing Boston Gourmet Coffeehouse in Florida, claiming its use of "Boston" and "gourmet" is a trademark infringement. The battle is puzzling, considering neither sells anything Boston’s known for. (Note to Canada: Try our baked beans!) A judge is expected to hear the case next June.

The pizza chain won’t say whether it plans other suits, but there are ample targets here: At least four local firms use the phrase "Boston Gourmet" in their name. One of them is Boston Gourmet Pizza in Chelsea, whose co-owner, Teddy Papas, won’t take kindly to threats from Canada. "I’d tell them to go screw themselves," he says. Now that’s Boston.