Taco Belle

Olecito, scrappy little sister to longtime Mexican favorite Olé, is billed as a celebration of south-of-the-border street food. And it does have a party feel. The music thrums, and the colorful handwritten menu showcases 20 varieties of tacos, burritos, and tortas that add up to a vibrant tour of regional flavors.

The food itself can be a bit inconsistent. A quesadilla alternates bites of too-smoky chicken and harsh salsa verde. Homemade tortilla chips boast fine flavor, but the skimpy portion of guac runs out long before they do. Still, Olecito’s hits outweigh its misses. The piolin torta is the perfect balance of adobo-marinated chicken, avocado, and chipotle mayo. The hearty posole, studded with pork and chilies, is pure earthy goodness. And with a bottle of sweet Jarritos soda, even a front-stoop picnic becomes a fiesta. 12 Springfield St., Cambridge, 617-876-1374.

Source URL: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/2008/05/taco-belle/