Eat. Out!

How to Eat
Find out the best ways to eat three very messy Boston specialities.


Illustrations by Joe McKendry






B & G Oysters’ Lobster Roll

1. Using fork, eat lobster filling until almost level with top of roll.
2. Cut roll in half crosswise and, using hands, carefully consume first half (i.e., sandwich style).
3. Study second half. If roll remains sturdy, repeat step 2. If soggy, finish with fork.





La Verdad’s Maíz Asado

1. Lay grilled, cotija cheese–crusted ear of corn on plate, anchoring one end with fork. (Do not stand ear on end.)
2. Using sharp knife, cut off kernels in lengthwise strokes. Rotate 45 degrees, and repeat until all kernels are removed.
3. Squeeze lime juice over kernels. Using fork, reincorporate wayward cheese-crust bits and devour delicately.




Eastern Standard’s Raw Oysters

1. Holding lemon wedge between thumb and first two fingers, squeeze juice over oysters, using other hand as protective shield.
2. Using small fork, drizzle modest amount of cocktail sauce and horseradish (or mignonette) on one oyster.
3. Lifting shell, spear oyster and quickly transfer to mouth. If desired, sip residual oyster liquor from edge of shell.
4. Place empty shell on platter face-down.


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