In Record Time

Please say you didn’t toss your once-prized record collection in a spring-cleaning frenzy. Because if you did, it’s time to start kicking yourself. With a built-in universal iPod dock and USB connection, Numark’s new TTi turntable is the first of its kind to break the barrier between vinyl and digital without breaking the bank. At the same time you’re showing off your spin skills at the Fourth of July block party, the TTi is converting your records to CD or MP3, making it possible to bring your entire library of albums on the road or to the beach. And if you can’t get your babies back from Goodwill? Comm. Ave. music shop In Your Ear, nestled in the shadow of the Paradise Rock Club, offers a vinyl selection of almost 100,000 albums, including rare and out-of-print editions.

Numark TTi turntable, $300, Daddy’s Junky Music, 159–165 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, 617-247-0909,; In Your Ear, 957 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-787-9755,

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