Solid Options

By Joe McGauley | Boston Magazine |

Jason Escape, Faneuil Hall street performer
Speed Stick, $1.77 “With a job that requires getting tied up in a straitjacket and rope, I can end up dripping with sweat. This stuff works, and smells great. People ask me if I’m wearing perfume.”

Joanne Chang, owner of Flour Bakery + Café
Tom’s of Maine lemongrass stick, $5.49 “A tiny, cramped kitchen and 500-degree ovens make for a pretty steamy environment. Tom’s is light, not cloying. And I love that it’s natural.”

Nicholas Penna Jr., co-owner of Salon Capri
Dove Ultimate Clear powder-scented, $4.49 “Doing hair all day, I’m very close to my clients, so I must smell good and stay dry. It’s a women’s deodorant but doesn’t smell too feminine.”

Jennifer North, owner of Boston Pet Sitters
Mitchum Smart Solid, $3.39 “Walking dogs can get really sweaty. I got a tip from a flight attendant years ago that the men’s stuff works better—and it does.”

Linda Matzkin, president of event-planning firm Hopple Popple
PICK: Ban Original roll-on unscented, $5.99 “I sweat mentally and physically. I’m right in there moving tables and chairs for outdoor events, and this does the trick all day.”

Brian Viglione, drummer for the Dresden Dolls
PICK: Old Spice High Endurance, $2.99 “Wearing deodorant during a show is pointless, like powdering your face to go swimming. But otherwise, it’s Old Spice. A timeless classic."

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