What a Gas!

By Jason Schwartz | Boston Magazine |

For the past few years, corporate headquarters have been fleeing Boston as if it had some mutant combination of smallpox, plague, and scurvy. (Even John Hancock’s a Canadian now.) Which is why Bentley’s relocation of its North American HQ from Michigan to the Back Bay is especially welcome.

If you’ve got 200 grand to burn and want to make the newcomers feel at home right away, may we suggest the new Bentley Continental GT Speed for your summer road-tripping pleasure? Topping out at 202 mph, and with zero-to-60 capability in 4.3 seconds, it may be a guzzler, but damn—it’ll get you out of town fast.

Bentley Boston, 533 Boston Post Rd., Wayland, 888-215-9684, herbchambers.com.

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