What's in Store: Leokadia

By Rachel Baker | Boston Magazine |

Jessica Lynn earned her degree in all things footwear during the three years she spent as manager, buyer, and public face of Beacon Hill retailer Moxie. Now, in a somewhat unlikely South End storefront adjacent to My Nail Salon, the bubbly 27-year-old has opened her very own shoe store, called Leokadia.

Though Leokadia also sells costume jewelry, accessories, and clothing (mostly inexpensive lines designed by Lynn’s family), nothing can compete with the wide, informed shoe selection, which offers a refreshing range of prices. Flats by French Sole are tagged at less than 100 bucks a pair, jazzed-up thong sandals by Mystique go for around $175 (but look far pricier), and showstopping Missoni pumps command up to $745.

Displaying almost 100 shoe styles at once, the airy 1,000-square-foot store has an ambiance that’s part French salon, thanks to overstuffed benches that could have been plucked from the Tuileries. In fact, some of the décor came straight from the attic of Lynn’s mother (for whom the shop is named), lending a sort of “playing store” vibe.

But the high-low mix of great taste and just-starting-out freshness is charming, and it works. With her trained eye, Lynn has cultivated a stock list of 23 covetable brands like Pucci and Repetto, the affordable cult Parisian line formerly sold at Louis Boston. Shoe fiends are taking notice: Mere weeks after she placed a fall order for $1,200-a-pop suede Moschino boots, every pair had been claimed by rabid customers, sight unseen.

667 Tremont St., Boston, 617-247-7463, leokadiashoes.com.

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