Aesthetically Pleasing

During a "research" trip to New York City earlier this year, Milena Turok, director of aesthetics at Dermatology Partners in Wellesley, booked a $400 skin-rejuvenation treatment with one of those fancy facialists to the stars. An hour later, she walked away wondering, This was all the rage? "All that money," Turok says, "and not a bit of difference." Which in a way was a relief: Plenty of too-harsh high-end jobs can leave you red, peeling, or worse.

Seeing an opportunity (and with the backing of her boss, super-derm Dr. Ruth Tedaldi), Turok teamed up with a private-label skin-care lab to develop Quench, an hourlong facial treatment available exclusively at Dermatology Partners that combines more than a dozen "superfood" antioxidants, potent anti-agers (lipoic acid, copper peptides, vitamin C, and collagen-boosting retinaldehyde), and mechanical exfoliation to hydrate, firm, and improve skin tone and reduce lines, with no post-treatment downtime. "I wanted a person to have it all: to enjoy the experience, but know it’s actually benefiting the long term," Turok says. "Already I’ve had patients calling to ask, ‘How soon can I come back?’"

$270, 65 Walnut St., Wellesley, 781-431-0139.