• Violetta

    This article is one of many examples why I cannot read Boston Magazine, even when it is free. This smug, childish, affected writing style pleases whom? Regardless of whether one likes or abhors Victorians, treating the building style as your parents and applying a teen-age rebellion writing style is childish. There are so many well written articles about Victorians after a modern face lift, I really wonder what your "writers" read. There would be no articles if these homes did not offer the grandeur of their palettes. Since when are huge windows, commanding staircases and soaring ceilings constipated? The current decor only masks the true beauty of the home, and remodelers know this or they would start with a modern house with 8 foot ceilings and clam shell molding. To say that the house is bright, vibrant, brainy and taking exceptional advantage of magnificent bones would be more like it.