Creature Comforts

Ambien, acupuncture, counting sheep: all fine tricks in the insomniac’s playbook, but none quite so potent as counting thread—preferably 100 percent Egyptian cotton in the 500-to-600 range. For discriminating dozers, Frette sheets are the over-the-counter snooze aid of choice. The Italian linens company opens its Boston flagship this month in what’s now the Back Bay’s most coveted bit of retail real estate, the Mandarin Oriental hotel, where guests will sleep easier knowing there’s Frette bedding in each of its 150 rooms and suites. Indeed, nothing keeps your engine purring like a good night’s rest.

Cotton poplin and sateen sheet sets ($700–$1,800), 776 Boylston St., Boston, 617-267-0500,

  • Janice


    Those sheets look beautiful but where did you find that beautiful cat? How gorgeous. Nice picture.

  • Linda

    What a picture. That must be a Shaded Silver Persian posing so elegantly atop those delightful sheets. The world's most gorgeous kitten ever.

  • Diane

    Yes, she is indeed a silver shaded Persian cat, and I personally know the breeder. All her cats are amazingly beautiful. This gorgeous little girl was Purr-fect for this add.

  • Olivia

    I also know the breeder, and she raises each kitty as a loving, well cared for pet! aAll of her cats are beyond gorgeous and have wonderful personalities!

  • j

    I am fortunate to own 2 of these beautiful kittens and they are soooo gorgeous and loving…the breeder raises them in such a loving way, they cannot help but turn out purrrfect both physically and personality-wise!! By the way, i think mine are even more beautiful that this one!! :-))

  • Vanessa

    What a beauty! This kitty looks like my cat! Nice sheets too, but I would rather have the cat.

  • Janet

    I have two of these Silver Shaded Persian cat's that I bought from this breeder. I love them and would not give them up to anyone for the world. They are the best and most beautiful cat's and lots of personality.
    Love the picture

  • Connie Marie

    I know the breeder. She is as beautiful as all her cats are. These cats are so well taken care of by this woman My deceased daughter had one and her children loved her. These cats are georgeous well behaved very lovable and have a wonderful disposition of any other cat I have ever know. I love that cat and all of the cats that the breeder have are as beautiful as this one

  • Lynda

    what is the name of the breeder and where is she located…