• Lee

    Ken Oringer's quotes make him sound like he's 12. Maybe a teenager. Do grown men really cry like that?

  • Tom

    This guy sounds like a real douche-bag1

  • claudia

    O Ya and Oga's are the only good sushi places in Boston. The others are not worth the price or time….can't even get the rice right.

  • Matt

    I eat at Uni regularly, and I got to seeing Cushman and his wife frequently. They seemed like another pair of regulars there, just huge fans of Ken and Chris's work. But then when I heard they abruptly quit coming and opened their own place, it really left a bad taste in my mouth. I eventually did try out O Ya, and the quality really wasn't there. Flavors were combined with seemingly little thought, hot dishes were served lukewarm, knife work was sloppy, the room is cold and uncomfortable, service was random. I spoke to both that night, and they talked about their cuisine like no one had done such things before. It was really odd. I'm still going to Uni.

  • l

    Oringer is right. It is insulting to be lied to. Research and eating out is part of every chefs creative process but lying about your intentions is down right nasty. He is not behaving like a "teenager" as someone suggested. He is rightfully pissed, as anyone else in any other field would be if deceived. As for Lynch, she is being dishonest. If anyone would dare to go to No. 9 and take notes under false pretense and then open a restaurant with similar dishes, she not only be talking loudly about it but most likely kick their ass.

  • foodie

    Is the Boston food scene a cooperative of talented chefs and cooks or is it a club of rules and consequences? Sometimes it seems it is like a stale country club with crusty members trying to keep it real. Do you need an introduction and an "explanation of turf" to plate your dishes and set your tables? All the "marquis" chefs in the city operate or consult in multiple restaurants, so many in fact that they probably don't know where to show up for work ( maybe their publicist does). Do you owe homage or allegiance to the big boss of chefs or their crew? Here is an introduction for every chef, new or not in town: focus on the food not your ego, do on to others as you would wish one would do on to you. Unfortunately self perseverance and career advancement at the expense of another is a cruel element of human nature and not uncommon in the food scene in any town, especially Boston where there hasn't been any changing of the guard in a while ( ever wonder why?). Cooks with a soul aren't c

  • foodie

    Cooks with a soul aren't concerned about rankings and wall hangings that proclaim that they are the best for this year or that year, all these awards get passed around the same circles year after year like a blow up doll at a frat party. Cooking is a craft, most recently confused with food concepts that everyone wants to be part owner of its originality nowadays, as if it were to bestow some greatness to their being and our lives are to be so much better because of it. Reality is, every dish is an inspiration from another and very few people can claim true original license to a dish, and they are probably not alive today anyway. If a chef is worried about losing their place in the celebrity circus of cooking these days then maybe they should get back behind the stove and put their reputation on the plate and not on the pages of a magazine. There is an old saying for those who stink, “whoever smelt it, dealt it” …yes the classic blame game. And what's wrong with the blame game? Nothin

  • foodie

    Nothing, as long as you look at yourself the same way you look at others.

  • Paul

    Barbara Lynch is absolutely right and the rest take themselves way too seriously. After all, in the end, it’s just dinner.

  • NYC

    Welcome to the big show.

  • dick in la

    I have known Tim Cushman for well over
    40 years, in fact his mom was our elementry
    school pe teacher, I also remember when he
    was a prep, line cook at the Black Dog? in Fanueil Hall, while working his way through
    Berklee. Either way the guy is the genuine