Foodie Road Trip Redux

6. Rubi’s Sandwiches (Great Barrington, Massachusetts)

Who in their right mind would drive two hours and 21 minutes west for a sandwich shop? Anyone who’s sampled the lemony grilled halloumi toast. Seriously.

Chowder’s still fantasizing about this unbelievably tasty concoction. A huge, salty swath of halloumi cheese (for those unfamiliar, it’s a softer, fattier, more nutty-tasting take on feta) is grilled open-face on a buttered baguette, with pieces of Spanish preserved lemon (salty lemon pickles…) hidden beneath the melted cheese, then drizzled with bracing, floral Sicilian lemon oil for good measure. Pure heaven.

The quirky sandwich shop also does a mean Sunday brunch, with delightfully creamy soft-boiled eggs, French toast, and a “Daily Chocolate Sandwich” that, on Chowder’s visit, was rich enough to require two espressos (each boasting a perfect crema) to get down. A very Manhattanite crowd, patrons sat at communal tables reading the New York Times, several enjoying a weekend-morning glass of wine (also offered by the bottle).

Next door, Rubiner’s Cheese
mongers is a gourmet store reminiscent of South End Formaggio, with local cheeses, cured meats, an interesting wine selection, and an assortment of other posh victuals for the journey home.

Halloumi cheese toast, comte grilled cheese sandwich, “Daily Chocolate Sandwich”

DRIVE TIME FROM BOSTON: 2 hours, 21 minutes

INFORMATION: 264 Main St., Great Barrington, MA, 413-528-0488