• C

    As a graduate of Gloucester Public Schools and a former resident, this article presents a schewed and biased representation of life in the city. It seems to imply that everyone who went to high school there doesn't expect to go anywhere and there aren't any opportunities. Sure, in any town you will have kids in high school who end up dropping out and not finishing school, or getting pregnant in high school; but to characterize that as the majority of the school body is unfounded and a gross generalization. I graduated from Gloucester HS in 2001, and the majority of my class went on to college for their undergrad degrees and now lead successful careers. I also know many people who are now in graduate or law school, including myself. As such, I am appalled at the total lack of analysis that has gone into this article, relying on a small pool of individuals to mischaracterize an entire community. How about broadening your pool of interviewees and getting the "real" story – how many

  • courtney

    I am a graduate of gloucester high school and this article is a complete misrepresentation of this town. So many of my friends who graduated from GHS have go on and gone to very good colleges, grad schools and have become doctors and lawyers, teachers and other great professions. This article makes this town sound like a dump hole where people do not go any where in life and where all our dad's are fisherman. I went on to graduate from a great college in Washington DC with a father who works in boston as one of this countries best environmental advisors. Gloucester is a beautiful town with some of the best beaches in New England….an amazing movie was filmed here with an amazing story…a great high school where students have gotten a great education that has teachers who I as well as many others will never forget. So lets get the real story straight about this town…Count how many have become successful in their life from GHS…do you know the number?