Top Docs 2008 Part V: Advice from Top M.D.s

On being your own advocate


• Healthcare institutions are large places where many people are involved in care. If your physician tells you what should happen and when, and then someone else tells you something different, don’t hesitate to check back with your doctor. —Dr. Nesli Basgoz, infectious disease, Massachusetts General Hospital

• Follow up on tests, x-rays, etc. Even the best and most attentive of us occasionally loses a small detail or bit of information in the huge morass of data by which we’re deluged daily. —Dr. Michael P. O’Leary, urology, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

• Always remember: While the doctor is the expert of your illness, you are the expert of your body. —Dr. Nancy Shadick, rheumatologist, Brigham and Women’s Hospital