December: By the Numbers

$135                                                                                                          Cost of attendance at the fourth annual Massachusetts Conference for Women, to be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on 12/11

Number of attendees expected: 5,000

Of hours the conference is scheduled to run: 9

Of exhibition hall men’s rooms that attendees will commandeer when they realize no one is using them: 22

400                                                                                                            Number of swimsuit-clad runners wearing Santa hats who raced through the Back Bay last December for the Santa Speedo Run, which returns this year on 12/13

Amount raised during last year’s event to provide sustenance to underprivileged Bostonians through the Women’s Lunch Place: $90,000

Estimated number of beverages purchased at the Irish pub Lir during last year’s event to provide sustenance to runners and spectators: 2,400

Amount spent on those beverages: $10,500

Ratio of charitable contributions raised to dollars spent on booze: 8.57:1

$300 million                                                                                          Cost of constructing the luxury hotel/condo development Fairmont Battery Wharf, which opens this month

Number of guest rooms the hotel will have: 150

Cost of buying one of the development’s top-tier condos: $4 million

Approximate number of years you could stay at Boston’s Ritz-Carlton for that price: 25