It's A Piece of Cake

Cakes for Occasions

Kelly Delaney’s cake won points for simplicity-and for the fresh berries inside. The supertasters among us detected hints of salt-a big plus, since many cakes are cloying. The light frosting lent the treat a "great birthday cake" rating.

FOR: Fresh fruit fans, less-is-more enthusiasts.



Eat Cake!

Two bites into Hilary Larson’s five-layer, jam-filled masterpiece, we agreed hers was an upscale original-so decadent we could smell butter from a foot away. A few sourpusses found it too sweet, but most saw it as ideal for weddings-one slice hits the spot.

FOR: More-is-more couples, expert cake cutters.



Konditor Meister

Rebecca Mosinger interpreted our raspberry directive with a fluffy mousse and added a boozy surprise. Some liked that; it reminded others of a daiquiri. Still, the airy cake’s frosting was more buttery than sweet, making it dangerously easy to eat.

FOR: Big appetites, grown-up palates.




The icing on John Haroian’s home-style layer cake was intensely sugary-our sweet tooths started eating the frosting plain. Some were slightly dismayed at having to actually bite into the extra-dense cake, but a good filling-to-cake ratio cheered them up.

FOR: Frosting fanatics, happy chewers.