Parental Rentals


What do an ex-software guru, a landscaping expert, and Geraldo Rivera’s former personal assistant have in common? They’re all staffers at Wellesley-based "life management" company GoodDeeds. That, and they’re all moms.

And as mothers they’re natural multi-taskers-a comfort to their harried customers. "Moms know the feeling of being overwhelmed," says founder Beth Miller. "If our clients can relate to them, they trust them." Plus, unlike concierge services that outsource requests, GoodDeeds’ maternal mavens do all the requisite coordinating, organizing, and, uh, petting-zoo vetting (see below) themselves.


When a client wanted a barnyard-themed birthday party for her daughter, GoodDeeds staffer Jenn Conley used her corporate sales experience to evaluate traveling menageries. "They’d say they had farm animals, but then we’d find out they really had one chicken and a bunch of reptiles," she says. Though it took some doing, "we found one that actually had chickens and pigs and lambs." At the event, Conley used her mom expertise to keep peace among a bunch of barnyard animals and a gaggle of nine-year-olds.


Not only did a GoodDeeds employee coordinate every step of a cross-country college search for a high school senior and her dad-arranging flights, rental cars, driving directions, tours, and admissions interviews-but she also compiled all the info in a pretty binder. "If I don’t have to hammer out that itinerary, I can spend that time with my family," says the client, whose daughter is now a happy freshman at Hamilton College.


While traveling in France, client Carol Pierce’s husband, Bob, found himself in need of a Russian visa (long story). The travel agent failed to deliver, and the couple didn’t know enough French to deal with local bureaucrats. Thankfully, the company has a French-fluent mom on its team, who secured a visa that day. Says Pierce, "They never say no!"


A forward-thinking client recently asked GoodDeeds to take on the touchy task of planning how, when the day comes, he should transport his deceased parents to a village in Italy, their desired final resting place. "Our goal is to reduce the client’s anxiety," Miller says.

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